Let's Get Fishy

Tuesday, June 13

My puppet

My mom made me a puppet and it is a wizard.

Friday, July 29

My Second Fishing Trip

I went on my second fishing trip today with Dad and Mom. I caught 8 fish!!!

Friday, July 22

My First Fishing Trip

The first fish I caught was this 1 lb. catfish!!!

My Dad caught this 5 lb. catfish!

Tuesday, July 12

SpongeBob: The Movie

I got to see SPONGEBOB: THE MOVIE today

Sunday, June 26

My first guitar!!

I'm the king of Rock & Roll! This is better than cable T.V.! Woohoo!!!

Friday, June 3

My Trip to TN Aquarium

Visit to Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga

Lots of stingrays and sharks

Me touching a stingray!

Humongo Shark!!

I'm inside an aquarium with REAL clown fish, blue tangs, and moorish idols. Notice the chocolate chip starfish at the bottom!

See if you can find all the butterflies in this picture!

Orange Butterfly in the garden at TN Aquarium

Sunday, April 24

My I-Spy Quilt

My I-Spy Quilt